J.D and a Baby

by admin 1. May 2014 11:47
"It was a big risk opening my own practice, but I felt that it was one that was worth taking"- Leila KananiOur very own Leila Kanani, part of the Legal Balance community, shares her story and decision to start her own practice to have the family and life she wanted. Some women take a temporary leave at their firm to have a baby while others drop their practice all together; read about the road less traveled and Leila's goal of leading a flexible and balanced life!


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For Working Moms, Key To Balance May Lie In Elusive Leisure Time

by admin 20. March 2014 10:29
It seems that for most families, mothers remain to be the "default parent" even if they are working. And the parenting requirements haven't changed! Schools still need items for their bake sale and chaperones for field trips. How are moms these days doing it?  Brigid Schulte shares her perspective on the issue and even reveals some interesting ways mom are finding their balance. Read on to learn more!


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Being a Working Mother Means Always Having to Say You’re Sorry

by admin 6. March 2014 10:00
'"I’m sorry I was so slow to respond to your email. Sorry I can’t be there. Sorry I was late to pick up. Sorry to reschedule; sorry to ask for more time; sorry to miss the conference, the coffee, the call. I’m sorry I can’t stay longer. It’s time to get my kids. I’m sorry I have to skip the conference. I can’t afford more nights away. I’m sorry I have to miss the pitch. Jake has a fever. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry."' Sound familiar? That's the "perpetual sorry" for all the ways women perceive themselves as f... [More]


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Lose the Guilt, Working Moms

by dsnider 19. February 2014 09:48
Debra Snider addresses the insidious guilt issue that too often arises for working moms, which she thinks is both misplaced and a waste of your valuable time. When you make thoughtful, informed choices for yourself and your family, and then own those choices, you can lose both the guilt and its even uglier flip side, the need to belittle other women’s different choices. How? Read Debra’s newest blog post. [More]

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Marketing Strategies for Moms

by admin 27. January 2014 13:07
As a working mom finding the time to market yourself efficiently and effectively can be a huge challenge. Read as Leslee Cohen discusses her tips for defining your niche and figuring out what sets you apart from other lawyers. [More]


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Time with Kids vs. Time at Work

by msullivan12 11. December 2013 14:01
This study from the Pew-Research Center supports that there is no tougher (or better!) job than being a parent. Although the work is reported to be more tiring, the meaningfulness soars much higher than tasks at work. See what else the statistics say here

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When Mom Travels for Work

by admin 18. October 2013 14:02
Being a working mom is hard enough, imagine adding travelling to the mix! Read as Julie Weed presents various perspectives from travelling moms. These moms have mastered the art of work-life balance, tackling the real demands of their work while still making time to Facetime their kids every night. You may not be a travelling mom yourself, but who knows, maybe you can learn some pointers for that ever-so-distant vacation you have been planning. [More]

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Dear Jane: When Should I Tell Work I'm Pregnant?

by 352admin 28. February 2013 11:49
Dear Jane, I just found out that I’m pregnant. The anxiety level at the firm is still pretty high so my inclination is to wait as long as I can before announcing my news. Signed, Won’t Show For Months [More]


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Dear Jane: I'm Back from Family Leave and Overwhelmed

by 352admin 28. February 2013 11:43
Dear Jane, I just returned to my firm after a six-month family leave. Everyone in my practice area has been great about welcoming me back and treating me like I’m serious about my career. I was hoping that my ramp-up time would be more extended. Signed, Can’t Do One More Thing [More]


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